How Has Automotive Suspension Evolved?

It’s beyond our imagination that we’ve gone from horse and carriage as the only form of transport to the invention of four-by-fours with luxury leather interiors and automotive suspension. But have you ever wondered how these cars have actually evolved to where they are now?  In this post, we’ll cover where automotive suspension began, how […]

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Unleash the Beast; Coolest U.K Roads to Ex...

One of the best feelings you can ever experience is driving down an amazing road, feeling it through the car, away from the traffic lights and speed cameras. Without the constant traffic jams, with the open road in front of you, that feeling of sheer freedom is incredible. However, despite what we see in the […]

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8 Reasons to Become a Tux Auto Stockist

When it comes to your stock of alloy wheels, you want to make sure that you always have the best quality products. Our array of alloy wheels are top of the range, but did you know that there are 8 other reasons why you should become a TUX Auto stockist? In this article, we are […]

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Alloys; The Uncomplicated and Super Effect...

Whether you’re a car mod enthusiast or someone who favours the delivery of a subtler impact, we can all rejoice that in installing a fresh set of gleaming alloys, your motor will be embellished with unparalleled sophistication.  As a brand, we are unquestionably passionate about alloys. And this passion does not come unfounded. You only […]

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Why You Should Choose Alloys Over Steel Wh...

When it comes to your car, it has long been said that the outside hooks a driver and the inside is what finally makes you fall in love with it. We completely agree with this ideology, and we know that first impressions are key to any driver’s experience with their car. That’s why we put […]

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TUX – A New Horizon For Your Car With TUX ...

For the past 3 years, TUX Auto have been keeping style and design at the forefront of our minds. From our high-class Riviera wheels to the stylish Stuttgart range, we have been able to provide top-quality alloy wheels that fit your style, no matter what it is. However, we now have some very exciting news! […]

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Making The Car Of The Future – The Coolest...

Everyone loves ‘teching’ out their cars! There are loads of new developments coming to cars which are really pushing the limits of car technology. With the recent CES event and Detroit Auto Show, the world has been able to see what car tech developers are working on… From revolutionary exhaust systems to the use of […]

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Best New Year Wheels For Your Vehicle Goin...

As 2017 approaches and we say goodbye to 2016, now more than ever it’s crucial to make a statement! Why not start the new year in some serious style by customising the best and most appealing parts of your car, your wheels. Making an impression in preparation for the next year can be so simple, […]

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Best Concept Cars To Look Out For In 2017

The motoring industry moves so fast, with new technology being developed every day and with the ever increasing revolution of electric cars, it’s safe to say that the motoring market has never seen this much change. To round 2016 off in style we thought we’d take a look at the best concept and confirmed cars […]

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Driverless Cars Tested For The First Time ...

The motoring industry has seen a tremendous change in the last 10 years or so, aside from the internal tech in a car, we have also seen the complete introduction of both battery powered and driverless cars. Within the last couple of weeks a fully driverless car has been tested on the streets of the […]

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