Best Concept Cars To Look Out For In 2017

The motoring industry moves so fast, with new technology being developed every day and with the ever increasing revolution of electric cars, it’s safe to say that the motoring market has never seen this much change. To round 2016 off in style we thought we’d take a look at the best concept and confirmed cars to look out for as we go into 2017, enjoy.


Sports cars are the pinnacle of speed, measuring 0-60mph times, top speed and power performance it’s often a market that is dominated by petrol powered fuel glugging beasts. Nevertheless, let me introduce you to the NIO EP9, a fully electric sports car that’s making headlines globally for its eye watering track times, insane acceleration and reaching insane speeds. Most wouldn’t expect so much horsepower in an electric motor, but that’s exactly what you will find in this little beast, 1360 horsepower from the multiple batteries around the car’s body.

Combine that with the four wheel driving ability and astounding aerodynamics and you’ve got yourself a vehicle that leaves a lasting impression in all departments. Now this is all well and good, but how long can it keep this up for before recharging is required, well amazingly the range is thought to be in the ballpark of around 265 miles this bring it into the realm of fuel powered cars, remember of course that it has much less effect on the environment . This means you have an extremely powerful car that also gives you the sort of range that makes it effective. All around a brilliant vehicle that is sure to breathe further life and competition into the electric car market.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla has taken the motoring world by storm, the renaissance of electric powered motoring has caused an unforgettable trend in motoring and will likely go down as the biggest shift in the car market in human history. Tesla however, have not stopped there, the presumed upcoming Model 3 is thought to turn the electric car market on its head once again by dramatically reducing the cost of buying and owning an electric vehicle. Planned to be priced at £28,000 the Model 3 is a dramatic drop in price compared to the model S that runs a cost of £57,900, as they label it, electric vehicles have just become “affordable”.

As well as the affordable price it’s expected to have the modern futuristic look we see on all Tesla models, a full panoramic sunroof, the usual tech and extras that give it that authentic electric car feel. To round that off the amazing claim of 0-60mph times under 7 seconds ensures you an unhindered performance.

Lexus LS

First shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, this concept car wowed attendees. The styling is surreal and a feature Lexus are unlikely to change for future lineups – so that’s something fans and watchers alike that can be happy about. A prominent design element people recognised immediately was the wide wheel base of the Lexus LS, allowing rear seat passenger to have improved legroom and a much more comfortable, comparable with most luxurious car manufacturers.

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover has gone on a crusade within the last few years, introducing a range of luxury type jeeps that are separate from the Range Rover line whilst keeping the excellent off-road durability that is synonymous with the Land Rover lineup and heritage.

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is the perfect combination between the Range Rover and the highly durable Defender lineup from Land Rover. More tech is something that is going to feature prominently on the latest Land Rover Discovery, with laser scanning technology that can adjust to a variety of settings within the vehicle to match the surrounding area that it’s driving through, as well as suspension and transmission. What does this mean for the driver? An intuitive driving experience that really adapts to its surroundings. However in the specs department not much appears to have changed on the surface, similar engine stats and configuration setups mean you’re really getting your upgrades in the form of the tech on the vehicle.

Mercedes X Class Pickup

In the perfect pickup you’ll find brute force, size and power and to compete with the toughest off roaders out there, Mercedes Benz has combined practicality, usability and style of the best of the best to make a superior version. Essentially provide motoring enthusiasts with two remarkable and futuristic concepts ‘Powerful Adventurer’ and ‘Stylish Explorer’ to redefine the pickup market.

It’s this elegant and clean design, by one of the most recognised car manufacturers in the world that gives this pickup concept the amazing concrete design that redefines your typical idea of a pickup. Giving motoring enthusiasts a vehicle that’s truly unique that can cater to more than just manual labourers. Expected to come with high-performance stats and all of the premium extra’s you would expect from a Mercedes vehicle, the Mercedes X Class is definitely one to look out for as we head into 2017.

So there you have it, five incredibly intriguing and thrilling concept vehicles that you should look out for in 2017. They might not be what’s classed as affordable, however as motoring enthusiasts they’re definitely an investment worth considering.