Alloys; The Uncomplicated and Super Effective Car Mod

Whether you’re a car mod enthusiast or someone who favours the delivery of a subtler impact, we can all rejoice that in installing a fresh set of gleaming alloys, your motor will be embellished with unparalleled sophistication. 

As a brand, we are unquestionably passionate about alloys. And this passion does not come unfounded. You only have to look at the cars on the road to see which merit a second glance (and no, it’s not the ones where a grimy plastic dust cap tries to conceal the rusty carcass of steel behind it). 

It’s the cars that showcase a polished and prestigious set of alloys, isn’t it?! As such, we’ve decided to take the opportunity to advise and examine (and maybe boast a little bit) on all the reasons why you should be looking at replacing your regular steel wheels for a set of tasty alloys. 

The Look of Love

For the moment, we’ll disregard the eco and safety-conscious motivations (enough to make your dad proud). First impressions are inevitably paramount. Whether you’re upgrading your Focus, or you’re looking for something a bit more special than the manufacturer’s original for your Jag, we believe there’s a set of alloys for everyone. 

You just have to search. Riviera, for instance, focuses on assisting clients in finding the right alloys to reach the iconic look your car deserves. Thus, we have a strong appreciation of a classic-contemporary fusion through our spoke alloys. These start in a more refined five-spoke style, all the way to a revved-up 15-spoke example. Meanwhile, we also stock more chunkier, muscular styles that reflect the beast that is your ride. 

It’s obviously not just the design that counts; colour plays a major part from the outset. From the manufacturing stage, the beauty of an alloy is conceived. Alloys, unlike steel, can be cast and moulded with diverse designs. Finally, they can be polished, painted, machined or chromed. 

With such an array of finishes, customisation is endless. We stock a variety of alloy design and finish options to suit everyone’s tastes. These range from a simple yet deeply effective matte black all the way to a stunning satin gunmetal grey.  

The Science Behind Alloy Wheels

Going beyond the individualised aesthetic possibilities that alloy wheels present for your car, we’ll consider their performance in action. The composition of alloys makes such wheels incredibly lighter. Immediately after the upgrade, your car will thank you with the thrill of newfound agility, which is immeasurable to their steel counterparts. Acceleration and braking distances are each revamped in the right ways, not to mention the reduction in weight provides enriched fuel-economy.

All these factors point towards an invigorated driving experience. Another consideration prior to any purchase is prospective load capacity that your alloys will need to support. Riviera supplies wheels for both cars and vans (because these vehicles warrant feature customisation and improved performance too!). 

As such, robustness is imperative. While light-weight, the construction of an alloy through processes such as casting or pressure forging have an influence over the alloy’s strength. Our alloys that are fit for the job in the van category support loads up to 1150kg, so safety implications aren’t a concern. 

The Finish Line

It is fair to say we have produced some pretty decent evidence-backed arguments that should sway your decision to purchase your alloys. Ultimately, they are undoubtedly superior in both aesthetics and performance to the steel wheel alternative. Simply, they’re just a bit more special. 

Perhaps we have swayed you, which is terrific! Take a look at our extensive options of alloys by clicking here. If you remain on the fence or fancy some additional fine-tuned advice, then please get in touch! At Riviera, we’re confident we’ll get your wheels turning in the right direction- and we are experts in the industry. 

Thinking of Becoming an Alloy Wheel Supplier?

While the revamping of your own vehicle is extremely attractive, the potential of matching your customers to their perfect wheels is a chance to have this feeling every day! By becoming a stockist, you too will have the ability to stand out against competing brands through stocking an authoritative and distinguished selection of alloys.