Best New Year Wheels For Your Vehicle Going Into 2017

As 2017 approaches and we say goodbye to 2016, now more than ever it’s crucial to make a statement! Why not start the new year in some serious style by customising the best and most appealing parts of your car, your wheels.

Making an impression in preparation for the next year can be so simple, here we’re going to look at some of our personal favourites that are sure to elevate your vehicle into a style statement on the roads.


This first set of wheels is one of our most iconic wheels styles. Its dual five-spoke design means it has a very imposing and strong silhouette when on your vehicle. This design is unlikely to be forgotten by anyone that has the benefit of seeing them in action. The modern finish and design ensure you are left with a fresh feeling on your car, making it effortlessly stylish.


These wheels are the pinnacle of unique design, their lattice build is something you don’t see out on the roads every day. The breathtaking design ensures you are turning the heads of everyone that sees your vehicle in action, leaving a lasting impression! If this wasn’t enough you’re also getting amazing build quality, meaning you reach maximum potential every time you leave your home. Put these bad boys on your speedy hot hatch and you have an excellent setup that’s sure to get some attention.


These amazing wheels are the ultimate way to take your ride to a new level. Their undisputed style means you have a mix of both traditional design elements and a hint of modern flare that results in a set of alloys that will simply blow you away. Heading into 2017 with these wheels is a foolproof way to guarantee a stylish year ensuring you are at the forefront of wheels technology and style. What’s brilliant about these wheels is that they are also extremely versatile whether they be fitted on hot hatchbacks or more large scale saloons you’re sure to be gobsmacked by these amazing wheels.


The clean and strong styling of the Concept One CSM5 is reliable and classic. They will give you epic style, that you can unleash with staggering class and quality. These wheels come into their own when put on a high-performance vehicle such as the Ford Mustang or a Nissan GTR. Their classy style ensures that you leave people envious every time they see you go past. If sublime style and quality is what you’re looking for then these are the wheels for you.

There it is, these are a few wheelsets that are brilliant ‘stocking fillers’ for that motoring enthusiast, or maybe even a new year’s present that spruces up the ride you have now, whatever the occasion, these are some of the best wheels that you can add to your car as we go into 2017. So don’t hesitate, get you car noticed for the right reasons!