8 Reasons to Become a Tux Auto Stockist

When it comes to your stock of alloy wheels, you want to make sure that you always have the best quality products. Our array of alloy wheels are top of the range, but did you know that there are 8 other reasons why you should become a TUX Auto stockist?

In this article, we are going to countdown all 8 of these reasons, so you can see just why you should be stocking TUX Auto’s range of alloy wheels. This includes our classic Stuttgart Wheels, elegant Riviera Wheels and stylish LMR alloys as well. So, let’s take a look and see exactly why you should become a TUX Auto stockist.

Easy To Use, Online Ordering System

When it comes to keeping your stock in control, you want to make sure that you are always able to easily order new stock. That’s why we are proud of our online ordering system. We have worked hard to ensure that it is as easy to use for all of our stockists.

By becoming a TUX Auto stockist, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that you will always be able to keep your stock up to date.

Swift Next Day Delivery

When ordering new stock, the delivery can sometimes be a concern. This is especially true if you have customers wanting to purchase a set of alloy wheels as soon as possible. We wanted to help alleviate that stress for our stockists and make life that bit easier for you when it comes to selling TUX Auto alloy wheels.

To do this, we offer our stockists very fast next day delivery on our range of alloy wheels. This means that, if you have a customer looking to buy one of our great sets of wheels, you can let them know they only need to wait for one day before they can have their brand new wheels! Therefore, customer satisfaction for your business is maintained.

Competitive Prices

In terms of the alloy wheels that you stock, naturally you want to know that people will actually purchase them. Part of that comes down to style, which every one of our alloy wheels oozes. However, a big part of it will always be the cost of the alloy wheels for your customer.

Our range of alloy wheels are all priced competitively, meaning that you can rest assured that your customers will fall in love with the style and be happy with the price. Therefore, by becoming a TUX Auto stockist, you know that you will be stocking wheels that your customers will buy.

Added Promotion for Your Business

We want all of our stockists to gain something more than just amazing sets of alloy wheels when they work with us. Of course, we also want to make sure you are able to get as much visibility of our wheels as possible. So, in order to help out with that, we actually help you to promote your business!

Through our own promotional channels, we will bring awareness and attention to your business, helping people who are interested in TUX Auto alloy wheels to find you and purchase from you.

A Trustworthy Support Team

Alongside helping you with your promotion and keeping stock in check, we also have a team on hand to support you whenever you need it. We feel that communication with our stockists is key to a strong business relationship, so we constantly work on improving our already amazing support team.

This allows us to help you with almost any issue or difficulty you face as a stockist of TUX Auto alloy wheels, no matter how rare such occurrences are. As such, you can trust that any concerns that you raise will be dealt with swiftly and promptly.

Expert Sales Teams

When it comes to providing a great service to our stockists, we pride ourselves in the expertise and knowledge that our sales team have. Whether you need to find out information on wheel fitments or vehicle specifications, our team will be able to handle your request with ease.

This means that you will always be able to give your customers accurate details and information, helping them to purchase from you. This symbiotic relationship with our stockists is highly important to us, so we are always happy to help you find the information you need!

An Expansive Range of Wheels

Another thing that customers always look for is choice. They want to see a range of different alloy wheels trims and styles to make sure they can get exactly what they are looking for. They want to be sure that the alloy wheels they purchase fit their own personal style.

That’s why we already have a large range of different styles available, across our Stuttgart, Riveria and LMR series of alloy wheels. However, we are also constantly working on new styles and designs, so that your customers can always get just what they want from our stockists.

We Always Use The Latest Technology

Alongside our ever-growing range of alloy wheels, it is key to note that we always use the latest technology when it comes to creating our wheels. As well as ensuring that all TUX Auto alloy wheels are of the highest standard, this also means that we can offer blank wheels that are suitable for 99% of vehicles.

Thanks to that, you are able to offer TUX Auto wheels for a vast range of different vehicles, no matter what type of vehicle your business focuses on. We pride ourselves in our flexibility in this regard, as it allows us to give you the best possible stock for such a huge variety of vehicles.

How To Become A Stockist

Having covered all of these great reasons to become a TUX Auto stockist, as well as the fact that our alloy wheels have some of the best designs and build quality out there, the next question to cover is how you can become a stockist! It’s actually a very simple process, as we like to make life as easy as possible for all of our stockists, new and old.

Simply visit this page and get in touch with us today! Then we can get the ball rolling and you can start stocking our great range of alloy wheels and gaining the benefits of being a TUX Auto stockist as soon as possible.