Why You Should Choose Alloys Over Steel Wheels

When it comes to your car, it has long been said that the outside hooks a driver and the inside is what finally makes you fall in love with it. We completely agree with this ideology, and we know that first impressions are key to any driver’s experience with their car.

That’s why we put so much effort into our alloy wheels; we want that first impression after they are fitted to be one of sheer awe. On top of that, a good set of alloys can turn heads. So that means the first impression that anyone has of your car must be the best possible.

However, as wheels are one of the focal points of a car, we need to talk about the different types of wheels that you can get. The two most common types of wheels are steel and alloy wheels. Of these two, alloy wheels are definitely the most recommended, and in this article, we wanted to let you know why that is!

So, let’s take a look at why you should choose alloy wheels over steel wheels.

What Is An Alloy Wheel?

To begin with, it’s important to understand the key difference between alloy wheels and steel wheels; how they are manufactured.

Whilst steel wheels are made from standard metal, alloys are made from a mixture of different metals, combined to create a new material. For example, you may combine aluminium or magnesium with other metals to create the final material for an alloy wheel. Due to this mixture of metals in an alloy wheel, they can sometimes be referred to as Mag Wheels.

In order to properly mix the metals that make up this alloy material, we use casting or forging, although there are other methods, such as gravity casting.

This allows alloy wheels to be both lighter and more durable than steel wheels, already showing you the benefit of having them. There’s a reason why so many car manufacturers are now selling cars with alloy wheels, even if they aren’t exactly attractive ones.

What Are The Advantages of Alloy Wheels?

We’ve already briefly touched upon the fact that alloy wheels are better for weight and durability, but those aren’t the only benefits and advantages of alloy wheels over steel wheels.


Thanks, in part, to the production process of alloy wheels, we are able to create far more intricate and exciting styles for the wheels when compared to steel wheels. In fact, the manufacturing process even allows us to create custom designs, meaning that alloy wheels are far better for the overall style of your vehicle.


This comes back to the weight of the wheel; because alloy wheels are significantly lighter than steel wheels, they actually give you a performance boost. However, it’s not only in the way you are probably thinking.

Yes, it would help with acceleration, as the total weight of the car is lower. But, using alloy wheels over steel wheels actually helps with fuel economy, braking and overall handling.

If you keep in mind that roughly a 10% reduction in weight equates to around a 7% improvement in fuel economy, whilst also putting less strain of the different sections of the car, you can instantly see why alloy wheels are the better long term option.

Corrosion Resistance

The final aspect that really puts them far above steel wheels is the fact that the alloy they are made out of is far more resistant to both corrosion and rust. Due to the way in which alloy wheels are manufactured, they are able to keep their shine and performance enhancements intact for substantially longer than steel wheels.

Therefore, you can rest assured that, no matter how many shows and meet-ups you go to, your car’s alloy wheels will remain in peak condition.

Give Your Car The Best It Can Get

Alloy wheels are definitely the best option for your car, with benefits and advantages including improved performance and better corrosion resistance. Therefore, we would highly recommend that you look to replace your steel wheels with a set of alloys as soon as possible.

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