We’re Taking Our Wheels To The Next Level

Here at TUX Auto staying up to date with the latest technology is something that is truly important to us. With that principle in mind, we strive to improve our operations wherever we see fit, to both benefit our trusted and loyal dealers and then on to the eventual buyers and users of the wheels themselves. One of those areas is product availability and fitment –  undoubtedly an important area.

Infinite Bolt Patterns Solved

The volume of car manufacturers and car models are ever increasing, the size of wheels can change on each and every model as well as the bolt patterns meaning that every time a unique car model is released, we have to custom make a set of wheels to ensure compatibility with the car’s new mechanics. Providing diverse compatibility for so many variations in such a developing market is beneficial for retailers and consumers.

Now armed with our with brand new cutting edge drilling machine (no pun intended), we are able to provide our dealers with a supply of blank wheels suitable for 99% of vehicles. We are able to take, for example, a standard setup of our Riviera wheels which has by standard a 5 bolt central layout and modify the bolt patterns to match newer models or more importantly a more comprehensive range of car models.

Uniqueness Makes For Possibilities

This is a benefit that is fairly unique to us, as only a select number of suppliers can provide the same service to their dealers. Therefore, as well as ourselves, we are also benefiting our dealers with bigger opportunities. You can be safely assured that the new wheels being fitted your vehicle are in safe hands and will come delivered with the supreme quality that we at TUX Auto demand.

We, as manufacturers, have paid close attention to the developing market. Furthermore, the fact is that the vast majority of people want custom modifications to their cars, (in this case rims). However, they often meet an old age problem of having what many would class as a “standard” car. This problem you could say originated from custom car manufacturers designing for the top 10% of cars, for example, Audi’s, Mercedes and BMW, at least premium car mod manufacturers.

However, this technology has allowed our premium designed wheels to fit on your “standard” car and for us, that is the pinnacle of our development going forward, although providing custom wheels for a premium vehicle is something we are proud of and is the pinnacle of our company, we now believe that making our range of excellent wheels compatible with a vaster range of vehicles is paramount for future progression and improvement of our operations.