New website is here!

Welcome to TUX. With us you can tailor your complete styling package. Whether it be a VW T5 or a Range Rover Vogue, it doesn’t matter. We take the same care and consideration with any vehicle to ensure the customer gets the highest quality outcome possible.

We are developing this new web-space to showcase exactly how good our products are. The quality and finish of our creations speaks for itself, this is why we are comfortable giving guarantees and warranties with our entire range. The new site couldn’t be simpler to use, we have designed the site to be compatible with a range of platforms including: desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

For the last 3 years we have been scouring the globe for the best manufacturing plants that are able to make components for the creations our talented designers come up with.

As well as custom builds we also have 4 extensive ranges of Alloy Wheels:

Riviera – The range of Riviera wheels has been created to enhance the existing elegance and style of luxury automobiles while adding a sense of individuality and the owner’s desire for something unique. They create a feeling without making a statement.

Stuttgart – Stuttgart wheels are aimed at the prolific car modifiers; at trend-setters and innovators, those who stand apart from the crowd and are proud of it. Stuttgart wheels are for those who have something different to say.

Klutch – Klutch wheels make a bold statement; only for the hardcore. These Euro-tuning inspired wheels are intended for the lowest, the loudest, the quickest and the most dedicated modifier. A range of styles and finishes set Klutch aside from the mainstream.

Concept One – The Concept One range of wheels has been designed and developed with a nod toward the styling cues of OEM wheels but with a harder edge, taking automotive manufacturer’s ideas and blending them with a little aftermarket attitude.

Next year is going to be very big for us, in early 2016 we will be launching the exclusive TUX Range of alloy wheels, each wheel in the Tux range has been designed for a specific make or model of car, giving it the OEM style with a custom flare.

If you’re in the area, why not visit our showroom in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire for friendly advice and great customer service.

Keep your eyes peeled for regular automotive and lifestyle updates.