Armytrix Exhausts – A ‘Next Gen’ Driving Experience

Custom exhaust systems can really take your automotive experience to the next level! A bold claim, but one we’re sure will change what you thought was possible in terms of your car’s performance. We ain’t kidding either. Turn your standard factory release into a pulse-quickening, adrenaline fuelled head turner!
Whether you chose your exhausts for the improved acoustics, or even if you choose a new exhaust system to improve performance and efficiency or just fancy a style change, Armytrix have got you covered.

Purpose Built and Full of Tech

Armytrix is a purpose built and expertly developed exhaust system, designed to add a variety of custom options to both the exhaust system aesthetics and the performance of your car.

Supporting all range of vehicle makes and manufacturers and support the latest Valvetronic technology used in some of the latest BMW cars. Armytrix features some of the latest technological advancements too – one of the most enterprising features that piques most people’s interests is the compatibility with smartphones to control and monitor the exhaust performance and settings.

Available on iOS and Android the app covers a score of features including data logs and real-time performance analysis, allowing the user a fully immersive control experience, and has the added benefit of quickly identifying any problems or irregularities within the system.

Drive Your Way

Furthermore, the app also boasts a variety of settings that mean you change and tinker with sound levels and vital mode settings. Essentially the App allows you to drive in your own unique style and way.

If you are out in the open road you can change settings to increase noise! And even the very tone of the thrum of the exhaust!

And for the more conscientious driver who might be driving in a residential area or after nightfall, you can dampen down the noise levels.

It’s this ‘next gen’ driving that really boosts Armytrix’s appeal and places them well ahead of their competition.
If you’re looking for a modern, well-built exhaust system from a trusted name, Armytrix fits the bill and then some.
The App capability alone puts them amongst the very top end of the commercially available exhaust systems on the market.