5 Tech Innovations For Your Future Car

The motoring industry has never been as exciting as it is right now. The introduction of electric cars has and will forever change the motoring industry. Tesla’s pioneering leaps in motoring design and manufacturing, have meant many other companies have followed. Companies such as Volkswagen are now seriously looking into the possibility of having their modern vehicles predominantly electric. In this article, we are going to look at how the tech in and around your vehicle is also going to progress, covering mainly early stage concepts of what we can expect to come.

Electric Wing Mirrors


It is one of the most iconic features of every car on the road. From your earliest days of driving, you are taught to use them religiously. However as the future grabs hold of the motoring industry, it is thought that we may see an end to this age-old feature. As they should now be called “E-Mirrors” use small cameras on the outside of the vehicle that produces a similar view to standard mirrors. Most recent concept cars suggest the use of multiple cameras all around the vehicle; creating a 360-degree view – therefore eliminating any of those pesky blind spots you had to deal with before.

Gesture Control

gesture control cars

Making your dashboard ‘smarter’ is something that car manufacturers have attempted on several occasions over the past few years. However, none have come close to BMW’s AirTouch intelligent control, the main control button is located on the left side of the steering wheel. The ability to perform gestured movements that result in changes on the display mean that you can pay more attention to the road. The AirTouch system also aims at reducing the steps needed to make changes or navigate the dashboard.

Quick Charging

car charging stations

One of the main quarrels that people had with electric cars is the fact that they require a considerable amount of time between uses to charge. In fact, that is one of the deciding factors that has long put people off switching to electric. Therefore it only seems right that future car manufacturers would aim to reduce charge time and increase range significantly. One company that is currently pioneering advancement in that area is Volkswagen. Their new  BUDD-e minivan concept uses their new Modular Electric Drive Kit. Claims coming from Volkswagen points towards it having a 332-mile range and 80% charge in just 15 minutes which far surpasses anything our current tech can offer and it is safe to say would be an incredibly appealing factor for people thinking of switching.

It’s got you covered

in car smart technology

As smart technology grows, it looks to be integrating with your car as well. Some amazing concepts have been drawn up, as you can imagine with the endless possibilities of smart technology, there are endless imaginative uses that you could relate to your vehicle. For example unlocking your car when you walk out of the house with your keys or integrating map technology with your calendar to ensure that you leave home at a time to avoid large amounts of traffic.

Automotive Driving

Obviously one of the biggest, most controversial and exciting areas of improvement is the automated driving technology. Tesla has pioneered and commercialised this with their Latest Model S, however, most will agree that there still needs to be more testing and confidence, with some recent incidents indicating that the automatic controls are not always on point.

volvo automated driving