We go where others can only dream of, to achieve what was thought impossible.

About Armytrix

We seek out perfection, to accomplish what many thought beyond the bounds of possibility.

We started by simply being passionate about all things of four wheels, today we have our own automotive label. Armytrix is a business established for those with petrol running through their veins, for the true petrol head. We are perfectionists with unwavering attention to detail, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for excellence. This drive and strength of will has thrust the Armytrix movement forward as we continue to meet even greater milestones.

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Performance boosting exhaust systems for the brands you know and love

..your journey awaits

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Armytrix is never one to stand still. Our motorsport arsenal is ever evolving, a catalogue of titanium and stainless steel Valvetronic Exhausts, ECU Recalibration, Power Box, CEL Delete Module and Mobile APP.

We are committed to touch every spectrum of excellence, dedicated to bring the best enhancements to fulfill your every driving needs and desires.

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Everyone loves ‘teching’ out their cars! There are loads of new developments coming to cars which are really pushing the limits of car technology. With the recent CES event and Detroit Auto Show, the world has been able to see what car tech developers are working on… From revolutionary exhaust systems to the use of […]

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